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Responsible Innovation


Responsible Innovation is a critical part of the way in which we work at Corin and forms an integral part of our corporate DNA. We have developed and will continue to develop our structured training delivery programme in collaboration with leading faculty from the global orthopaedic community for all new products introduced to the market. Whilst it is understood and appreciated that all surgeons have undergone a long and rigorous period of education, some particularly innovative products introduce new or revised concepts which differ from previous iterations. It is of course imperative that this training is provided on a surgeon-by-surgeon basis and is tailored to the individual's prior experience with the type of device in question.

The design and use of orthopaedic implants has evolved over time, with a significant acceleration in development in the last 10 years. In order to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients worldwide, Corin is leading the field in demonstrating our commitment to clinical excellence. We ensure that all surgeons using innovative, evolved products have been immersed in an appropriate level of additional individually-tailored training and education specific to these products, considered essential by our global key opinion leader surgeon faculty.

MiniHipWe believe that this initiative is compelling and have received very positive feedback. Responses show that this complementary training is seen as a valuable tool in ensuring that surgeons understand the nuances of the products and associated planning, surgical techniques and post-operative rehabilitation protocols in relation to specific product lines.

In combination with all other educational opportunities available, we believe that the medical educational opportunities offered by Corin to surgeons are redefining medical education for orthopaedic surgeons around the world.

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