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Centres of Excellence


Utilising the most highly-skilled practitioners to train surgeons on each procedure ensures that best practice is passed on, enabling excellent clinical performance and promoting long-term patient wellbeing as well as outstanding clinical results for Corin manufactured products. These exchanges facilitate opportunities for knowledge transfer in a live theatre environment.

With an established network of hospitals and surgeons that comprise the Corin Centres of Excellence both in the UK and worldwide, we are continuing to identify new opportunities globally to bring the learning experience closer to surgeons. These centres are a central pillar of our surgeon education programme and provide a one-on-one, in-theatre experience for many of our newest and most innovative products, as well as our established brands.

Moving forward we are dedicated to growing our global Centres of Excellence network and ensuring that surgeons, wherever they are, have access to surgeon excellence for training purposes utilising Corin products for one-to-one discussions and live surgery. By ensuring this programme continues to grow, it will enable surgeons to get the support they need, when they need it, with the minimum of fuss and disruption to their practice.

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