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Research and development into new products and technologies is a major area of investment for Corin, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovation. Corin has developed a worldwide network of research associations with leading companies, universities and research institutes. Working within this network, as well as with healthcare authorities, allows us to develop novel solutions to the most clinically relevant problems in an efficient and responsive manner.

State-of-the-art test methodologies are used to develop and verify all new technologies, to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of all our prostheses. Groundbreaking computer simulation technologies use clinical data to predict the lifecycle of prostheses. Extensive mechanical simulation, which is designed to replicate patient behaviour, is used to help ensure that product performance is optimised over the life of the implant. 

Research into new materials allows us to offer world first technologies for the next decade through developing products based on the very best in implant technology, designed to enhance longevity and performance.  

Trinity OPS  Composite thumb.jpgCorin OPS™
The Corin Optimized Positioning System is an innovative new technology providing a dynamic simulation & personalised implant positioning system, providing surgeons with the necessary information to tailor each surgery to each patient.
ECiMa thumbnail.jpgECiMa
The next generation vitamin E-enriched technology, ECiMa™ is one of the most advanced polyethylenes of its kind, providing a high performance alternative to hard bearings.
TiNTitanium Nitride

Titanium nitride (TiN) ceramic surface coating provides a low wear solution with demonstrated longevity(1)


Biomimetic Cementless Technology
A calcium phosphate coating, Biomimetic Cementless Technology represents a new generation in cementless technology.


A double layer of pure titanium overlaid with hydroxyapatite,
Bi-coat is designed to optimise surface performance(2,3).


1. Pappas MJ, Makris G, Buechel FF. Titanium nitride ceramic film against Polyethylene. Clin Ortho Rel Res 1995;317:64-70.

2. Brunette DM, Tengvall P, Textor M, Thomsen P. Titanium in Medicine: Materials Science, Surface Science, Engineering, Biological Responses and Medical Applications. Springer, 2001.

3. Coathup MJ, Blackburn J, Goodship AE, Cunningham JL, Smith T, Blunn GW. Role of hydroxyapatite coating in resisting wear particle migration and osteolysis around acetabular components. Biomaterials 26(19):4161, 2005.


Important: Not all products are available or cleared for distribution in all international markets. For more details, please contact your local subsidiary or distributor by visiting the Corin worldwide section.


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