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Watch the following videos:



Ligament reconstruction

Hip continuum of care                                                                                    

OPS™ Key features

OPS™ Optimized Positioning System

OPS™ Patient video

New Technology Helping Surgeons Personalize Hip Replacements

CBS 640 play.jpg

OPS™ Dr Barnett

 MiniHip™ Surgical technique (MKII Instrumentation)

Restoring biomechanics with MiniHip™

Trinity™ Advanced acetabular system

MetaFix Collared and Trinity - Modified bikini incision - Dr Kreuzer

ECiMa™ Vitamin E technology overview

Unity Knee™ Product overview

Unity Knee™ Medial referencing

Unity Knee CR procedure - Mr Andy Toms

Unity Knee Ligament Balancing - Mr Andrew Toms

LARS™ Gluteal repair Surgical technique

LARS™ PCL Surgical technique

LARS™ PCL - Courtesy of Mr D Houlihan-Burne 

LARS™ ACJ Reconstruction - Courtesy of Professor Lennard Funk

LARS™ ACL Surgical technique

LARS™ ACL reconstruction using LARS™ reinforce

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