Advanced Bearing Acetabular System  

Performance | Versatility | Technology

Trinitys.jpgWith a seamless range of high performance bearings within a versatile acetabular shell - including ECiMa™ next generation vitamin E highly cross-linked polyethylene - Trinity represents the new generation in innovation and pioneering cementless technology designed to maximize fixation and articulation size.

The advanced solution for acetabular
hip replacement 

5A odep rating.jpg  Trinity™ offers surgeons a wide range of high performance bearing solutions within
  a versatile system, utilising the clinically proven fixation of Biomimetic Cementless
  Technology1,2. *
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*This rating applies to the Trinity™ system when used in combination with BIOLOX® delta**, HXLPE and UHMWPE liners.

** Ceramic-on-Ceramic coupling is available in the USA for investigational use only.


1.     Wood PLR, Deakin S. Total ankle replacement. The results in 200 ankles. J Bone Joint Surg [Br] 2003; 85-B:3:334. 

Important: Not all products are available or cleared for distribution in all international markets. For more details, please contact Corin USA or visit the Corin Group website.

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