Meet our people



What inspired you to work in the industry?


The medical industry has always appealed to me because there is always so much going on. There is a lot of research going into exciting new medical advancements which have potential to have a huge impact globally. I chose industry over academia because I wanted to be involved with the application of the medical technology, a lot of concepts in research are decades away from clinical use, whereas orthopaedic advances help patients every day.


What has your career path looked like?


After A-levels I studied Bioengineering at the University of Sheffield. I had always known I wanted to do something related to anatomy but love getting stuck into a technical challenge, so Bioengineering was perfect. I specialised in Tissue Engineering and Materials Science in my second year, where I enjoyed learning about the properties of materials and how they can impact the performance of implants both mechanically and biomechanically. I also had the opportunity to volunteer with a charity who designs medical equipment for people with specific needs that may not be met by the NHS. From here an interest in product development grew and eventually led me to work in New Product Innovation in hips.


What is the best part of your job?


I love the team work involved in this job, I think there is a perception that a design engineer might spend all their time at the computer working on CAD, but there is so much more to it. I really enjoy that I can see a product through from concept to manufacture and be involved with every step. It’s really satisfying to see something you have designed as a physical product and even get to see it in use.