Why Corin?

Your financial health check

Corin’s technologies are designed to provide the depth of data, evidence-based understanding and planning information that health providers need to meet today’s challenges.


Plan the best outcome for all

Knowing how individuals might respond to treatment is always difficult. With physiological and psychological insight for patients starting from the first consultation, Corin’s technologies are designed to help hospitals identify the patients who’ll benefit most from treatment.

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Get patients back on their feet again

Enabling patient risk management to be optimized, and with patient-specific solutions and surgical procedures, Corin’s approach is designed to help hospitals reduce length of stay while improving efficiency and help engage the patient more closely with their own recovery goals.

Active seniors

Re-admission and revisions reduced 

With continuous post-operative management, patients feel connected with their surgeon and more able to self-manage their recovery at home which may lead to a reduced risk of re-admissions and revisions, better results help to attract more patients to your hospital.