The Absolut™ Cemented Stem has the confidence of the clinically proven taper-slip philosophy1,2,3.

  • CoCr exhibits superior fatigue and yield strength over stainless steel stems
  • Even stress transmission thoughout the cement mantle (reference)
  • Scalloped neck maximises range of motion 

Absolut lateral view

Absolut sizing graphic


Offset independent of leg length

  • Offset built into neck trials enables easy intraoperative decision making
  • Accurate leg length reproduction with markings above & below the resection level
  • Optimised, sequential broaching technique


Seven stem sizes with three offset options

  • 37mm (000-4), 45mm (0-4), 50mm (1-4).
  • Shortened size 0 stems for insertion into existing cement mantle.
  • 12/14 neck trunnion to ensure variety of head & cup options.

Global Ortho RAWS 54F577

1. Ling R, Charity J, Clive Lee A, Whitehouse S, Timperley A, Gie G. The Long-Term Results 
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