About OMNI
OMNI’s proprietary robotic platform, OMNIBotics®, allows surgeons to conduct patient-specific total knee surgery designed to enhance patient satisfaction and reduce hospital costs. In addition, OMNI designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes a wide range of proprietary hip and knee implants and is focused on providing cutting edge technologies to transform outcomes in joint replacement surgery and enhance a surgeon's ability to help patients live active and pain-free lives.

About OMNIBotics
OMNIBotics® is a state-of-the-art solution that combines specialised tools and patented technology with advanced robotics to help surgeons place and fit implants in line with their patient’s functional anatomy with greater accuracy compared to conventional approaches.

OMNIBotics cutting guide


Robotic solution based on deep functional insights

The OMNIBot is an evolution in navigation and robotic technology for total knee arthroplasty offering highly accurate positioning of the femoral cutting guide based on real time data analysis from the BalanceBot™, eliminating the need to manually position and pin any conventional cutting jigs.


Alignment | Balance | Minimal Releases

The BalanceBot is the ONLY device to enable the surgeon to predictively balance knee ligaments utilizing dynamic real-time feedback through the entire range of motion.

OMNIBotics BalanceBot

OMNIBotics Workstation

Your platform for success

The new, robust OMNIBotics workstation is fully prepared for the operating room. With an interactive touch screen facing the surgeon and patient, surgical protocol is determined with a touch of the finger.


Product Videos

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  • OMNIBotics BalanceBot™

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  • OMNIBotics Robotic Cutting Guide

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  • OMNIBotics Workstation

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  • OMNIBotics ART Software

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  • OMNIBotics Adjustable Cutting Guide

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  • Predictive Balance Technique with BalanceBot

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