Czech Republic

Corin develops, manufactures and distributes innovative orthopaedic implants that address the clinical needs of individual patients. Corin currently focuses on hip and knee implant solutions, working in partnership with orthopaedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals to develop and deliver high-performance products complemented with outstanding service and quality. Corin utilises its in-depth knowledge and experience in orthopaedics to provide leading professional education to both Corin team-members and medical professionals to ensure an optimal paramount outcome for patients.

Molnlycke Healthcare - Klinipro SRO
Nanovem Poli CP 382/1 73301 Karvina Stare Mesto
Czech Republic


For full details of Corin products available in Czech Republic, please contact Molnlycke Healthcare - Klinipro SRO direct.

Molnlycke Healthcare - Klinipro SRO is an independent distributor of Corin products.