Linea™ stem with Dynacup One-C

Linea revision

Linea™ Revision

Linea reconstruction

Linea™ Reconstruction


Anatomic femoral stem system

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Anatomical design for head centre restoration.

Anatomic design

Anatomic design

The Linea hip system is designed to best match femoral geometry of patients1.

Stems provide metaphyseal contact while neck geometry varies according to stem size.




The Linea his system is designed with both primary and secondary stability in mind.

Proximal surfaces have macrostructures and are roughened. The stems have a HA coating, since it has been shown to provide a press fit and potential for long term bone fixation2,3.




Linea has a comprehensive range of implants, both cementless and cemented, with a dedicated instrument kit to suit different philosophies and approaches.

Two CCD options for lateralisation where required and a variety of modular heads, metal or ceramic, are available to tailor solutions to each patient.

Linea Revision and Reconstruction are available for treatment of more complex pathologies and follow the main concepts of Linea anatomic stem.


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