Connected Orthopaedic Insight

Corin is revolutionising orthopaedics by gaining, understanding and sharing insight at every stage of the arthroplasty experience.

This unique combination of shared knowledge and our clinically-proven implants delivers better outcomes for everyone.

With Connected Orthopaedic Insight, patients, surgeons and healthcare providers are more closely connected than ever.

Introducing CorinConnect™ 

CorinConnect™  is a cloud-based single access point for Corin technology offerings. By integrating these technologies pre, intra and post-operatively, our customers can review their combined actionable insights on a personalised dashboard, augmenting their clinical decision making, and ultimately leading to improved outcomes. 

Optimized Positioning System OPS™

Every patient moves differently and a total hip replacement should be optimised to account for this1…

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References: 1. DiGioia AM, Hafez MA, Jaramaz B, Levison TJ, Moody JE, Functional pelvic orientation measured from lateral standing and sitting radiographs. Clin Orthop Relat Res 453:272–276