Clinical responsibility

TriFit TS 1.jpgAs an organisation, Corin places a great deal of importance on collaboration with key clinical institutions to deliver strong medical research programmes that support the safe and effective use of Corin implants.

Being at the cutting edge of new product development and also with well-established products in our portfolio, Corin has the dual responsibility of dealing with new product introductions as well as the changing face of the global regulatory systems relating to in-market devices.

Taking our responsibility for patient wellbeing seriously means investing significantly in short, medium and long-term studies of up to 15 years' duration. As a company we support registries both locally and globally as well as single and multi-centre, international data collections, in order to ensure the safe and effective use of our devices worldwide.

Over recent years we have implemented a dramatic increase in the level of clinical research activity carried out in relation to Corin's devices. This has been driven by regulatory imperatives and the requirement to support the launch of a series of new hip products through global multi-centre initiatives. As we drive forward, we will continue to develop innovative products in a responsible manner.

Our dedication to clinical data collection is strongly aligned to our enthusiasm for surgeon training, for it can only be by the combination of these two key elements that we will be able to produce long-term clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction.

Corin will continue to invest significantly in robust clinical research in partnership with leading global clinical centres to ensure the very best outcomes for our surgeons and their patients.

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