Hip continuum of care

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The Trinity™ advanced bearing acetabular cup offers surgeons a versatile system with a wide range of high performance bearing solutions, including ECiMa™ next generation vitamin E highly cross-linked polyethylene.

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MiniHip™ is designed to give patients all the advantages of a traditional total hip replacement with the added benefit of preserving the natural anatomy, offering a pre- primary solution that is the ideal intervention for a patient requiring treatment options into the second, third and fourth decades.

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TriFit TS
Offering a patient matched solution based on optimal geometry defined by global CT data, TriFit TS™ is designed to preserve bone and promote improved proximal loading. A seamless range of stem sizes provide an improved proximal:distal size ratio.

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Founded on 20 years' experience in cementless technology and high performance bearings, and with a proven, world-leading stem design, MetaFix™ is the universal choice for total hip replacement.

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A cemented double-tapered, polished, collarless stem, TaperFit™ has been designed to take advantage of the phenomenon of '˜cement creep', and is based on biomechanical principles proven in over 30 years of clinical use(3).


A modular hip revision system designed to meet the demands of complex hip revision surgery(4), Revival™ provides a comprehensive yet streamlined solution offering surgeons multiple implant options combined with one simple instrument platform. 

Early intervention hips

· Trinity™ Advanced Bearing Acetabular System

· MiniHip™ Bone Conserving Hip Replacement

· Femoral Head Sphericity Gauge

Primary hips

· Trinity™A dvanced Bearing Acetabular System

· TriFit TS™ Cementeless Blade System

· MetaFix™ Cementless Total Hip Replacement

· TaperFit™ Cemented Total Hip Replacement

· Cenator™ Acetabular Cup

· Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty Head

Revision hips

· Revival™ Modular Revision Hip Stem

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