Acetabular Cup

Cenator cups

The Cenator™ acetabular cup is manufactured from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and achieves fixation via bone cement. The internal diameters of the Cenator™ cup are available in size 22, 26 and 28mm, and can be selected with or without an extended posterior wall and cement pressurisation flange. The Cenator™ cup offers a variety of implant options to match the requirements of both patient and surgeon:

  • The flanged cup provides cement pressurization via a flange which can be trimmed intra-operatively to correspond to the patient's acetabular anatomy; the flange also restricts the escape of cement from beneath the cup, protecting the bearing surface.
  • Standard non-flanged cup also available.
  • An extended posterior wall is offered in both flanged and standard cups to provide resistance to posterior dislocation where required.

All acetabular components benefit from the use of a simple introducer instrument. With a slim profile allowing access through all surgical approaches, the Cenator™ cup introducer combines simplicity of operation with accuracy of implant placement. 

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