Femoral Head Sphericity Gauge

The femoral head sphericity gauges manufactured by Corin assist in femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI) surgery by providing a guide as to the amount of femoral head to be resected to prevent cam impingement. 

Femoral head sphericity gaugeCam impingement is a common type of FAI which has recently been recognized as a cause of early osteoarthritis(1). It is treated by debriding the non spherical part of the femoral head which impinges on the labrum. 

The gauges are available from 40-56mm in 2mm increments.


1. Beck M, Kalhor M, Leunig M, Ganz R. Hip morphology influences the pattern of damage to the acetabular cartilage: Femeroacetabular impingement as a cause of early osteoarthritis of the hip. J Bone Joint Surg 2005 Jul. 


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