Modular Revision Hip Stem

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Revival™ is a modular hip revision system that has been designed to meet the demands of complex hip revision surgery1. With over 10 years of clinical history, Revival™ provides a comprehensive yet streamlined solution that offers the surgeon multiple hip implant options, delivered with one simple instrument platform.

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There is nothing routine about revision surgery, and the need to reconstruct the patient anatomy is no less significant than in primary hip replacement. The Revival™ revision hip system allows the surgeon to address every patient effectively and efficiently, with its modular design in combination with the comprehensive range of proximal and distal options available:

CCD (degrees)Length (mm)Offset (mm)
125°40, 50, 60, 7037
135°40, 50, 60, 7032
 Distal stem length (mm) Stem diameter (mm) 
100 (straight)1416  -18  - 202224
160 (straight)141617 18 19 20 22 - 
200 (3° anatomical pro-curvature)1416 1718192022  -
240 (3° anatomical pro-curvature)141617181920 22 -

Revivial single stem.jpgStrengthen
In revision surgery there is often less bony support proximally and so optimal strength characteristics are essential. Revival™ has been designed with this in mind - manufactured from titanium alloy for biocompatibility and mechanical strength and utilising a 2° 51' Morse Taper to assure locking of the proximal body and distal components. A locking bolt provides additional security allowing for settling of the mid-stem junction and long-term integrity of the implant construct.

The corundum blasted roughened surface finish of the Revival™ system allows for bone on-growth which may enhance implant stability. In addition the conical distal section and longitudinal fins are designed to provide rotational stability, with further options to use distal locking with up to three distal locking screws.


1. 'œSocietà  italiana riprotesizzazione-GIR' grades II, III and IV and Paprosky grades II and III.

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Technical summary

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Surgical technique

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