Patient stories

man running on roadWhen considering any kind of joint replacement surgery, it is natural to feel anxious and want to learn more from others who have been through similar procedures. This section provides short stories from patients who have undergone hip replacement or knee replacement surgery. Click on their name or picture to read more:

â–    Hip stories

â–    Knee stories


Patient stories - hip replacement

Ian Lower thumb.jpg
Ian Lower (MiniHip bone conserving hip replacement)
Ian, 42, lives and works in the UK as Factory Associate and enjoys hiking and fishing.                                 
Kevin Huth thumb.jpg

Kevin Huth (MiniHip bone conserving hip replacement)
Kevin, 61, lives and works in Florida as an X-ray technologist and enjoys boating, fishing, bowling and golf.

Paul Eskine thumb.jpg

Paul Eskine (MiniHip bone conserving hip replacement)
Paul Eskine, 45, lives and works in Louisiana and enjoys playing tennis, weightlifting, and in summer likes to hike and white water raft in the Colorado Rockies. 

Elizabeth Blake - thumb.JPG

Elizabeth Blake (MiniHip bone conserving hip replacement)
Elizabeth Blake, 44, is a Marketing Manager from Bristol, UK who has always enjoyed sports, fitness classes and walking her dogs.

Arthur Abertoni.jpg

Arthur Bertoni  (MiniHip bone conserving hip replacement)
55, a computer aided design/engineering instructor from Massachusetts who has always had an active lifestyle and continues to enjoy golfing, biking, skiing and swimming.

Day AchesonDay Acheson (MiniHip bone conserving hip replacement)
56, an alternative health therapist in the United States.  Day played soccer since his youth and began rock climbing and mountaineering at the age of 20.

Patient stories - knee replacement

Anne Daplyn.jpg

Anne Daplyn (Uniglide knee replacement)
Anne, 52, is a primary school teacher currently teaching a class of 11 year olds, and is responsible for co-ordinating the teaching of PE.

Carole Jarvis.jpg

Carole Jarvis (Uniglide knee replacement)
66 year old Carole is back ballroom dancing, swimming and going to the gym after her Uniglide unicompartmental knee replacement operation.

Important: The testimonials and photographs on this webpage are for illustrative purposes only and are presented only to display a single possible result out of many possible outcomes for a patient that undergoes hip replacement surgery. The testimonials, photographs and images presented herein do not represent, warrant or guarantee any particular result and may not be construed as such.

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