Connected Orthopaedic Insight


Corin is revolutionizing orthopaedics by gaining, understanding and sharing insight at every stage of the arthroplasty experience.

This unique combination of shared knowledge and our clinically-proven implants delivers better outcomes for everyone.

Our technologies are designed to enable surgeons to perform patient-specific procedures and gain a unique level of insight and understanding allowing them to manage their progress and achieve more positive results.

Patients feel more engaged, informed and confident that they’re getting the best solution to meet their individual needs. Being connected more closely with their surgeon, treatment and recovery means they feel reassured that they’re on the best path to a better quality of life.

Hospitals are better positioned to manage economic and logistical challenges more easily. Corin aims to deliver greater value in healthcare to help drive efficiencies, better planning and reduction in costs.

With Connected Orthopaedic Insight, patients, surgeons and healthcare providers are more closely connected than ever.