Design history

Collarless, polished and double tapered implant that utilizes a world-class stem design

  • 100% survivorship for aseptic loosening with follow-up ranging out to15 years (1)
  • First introduced in 1995, it has remained unchanged with only minor enhancements to the extramedullary introducer holes
  • Based on biomechanical principles clinically proven over more than 40 years (2)

Enhanced stability

Combined fixation philosophy designed for all anatomies

  • Proximal stability through incremental growth of A-P/M-L profiles
  • Optimum mid-length stem design to ensure maximum stability whilst maintaining proximal loading
  • Biomimetic cementless coating technology


Recreation of biomechanics can be challenging but with the right system this can be easy and effective

  • Comprehensive range of 36, 38, 45 and 50mm offset stems
  • Lateral shoulder improves cement pressurization, proximal visualization and final stem position(3)
  • Highly-polished surface of the TaperFit™ stem is designed to greatly reduce the risk of micromotion-induced abrasion at the stem-cement interface

TriFit CF™ is awaiting CE approval and will be under controlled release throughout 2019, for more information please contact your local Corin representative


Product Videos

Product Information

  • TriFit CF Surgical Technique

    TriFit CF Surgical Technique