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23000 LARS Cases in APAC
Corin Australia surpasses 23,000 case milestone for LARS™ ligament and tendon reinforcement

Corin Australia, a global orthopaedic company, have distributed the Ligament Augmentation and Reconstruction System (LARS) in ASPAC for nearly 20 years. In that time, more than 23,000 LARS ligaments have been implanted by over 600 surgeons. Globally, more than 100,000 LARS ligaments have been implanted since their invention in the early 1990’s in Dijon, France.

11 Mar 2021

DF v3
Corin announces management transition

David Floyd named interim CEO

15 Feb 2021

OMNibotics intro v3
Corin announces the clinical release of OMNIBotics® 2.7, integration to CorinConnect™ ecosystem.

Corin is pleased to announce the first clinical cases of OMNIBotics 2.7, upgrading the robotic-assisted platform for use in total knee arthroplasty. This enhancement is designed to allow orthopaedic surgeons to review their own operative planning and reports against patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) as well as benchmark data from Corin’s orthopaedic surgeon network.

29 Jan 2021

OPS™ reaches 20,000 cases performed worldwide

OPS™ reaches 20,000 cases performed worldwide. Corin’s pre-operative planning technology for total hip arthroplasty reaches significant milestone. Plans underway to launch next generation software.

14 Dec 2020

APEX 10000 cases in AU 11 11 v2
Australia achieves 10,000 implantations of the Apex Knee™

Australia achieves 10,000 implantations of the Apex Knee™

3 Dec 2020

First Unity knee with Omnibotics in US
First Unity Knee™ TKR cases completed using OMNIBotics® in United States

Combination of Unity Knee™ with OMNIBotics Predictive Balance™ robotic-assisted technique aims to help deliver balance and stability for total knee procedures.

29 Sept 2020