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The digital age of patient care

Advancements in technology have started to change the landscape of patient care. Pre-operatively, surgeons used to rely on a physical assessment and 2 dimensional x-rays. Now, 3D analysis is combined with advanced planning software to help surgeons best prepare for surgery. 

In the Operating Rooms, patient-specific guides and robotic instrumentation are assisting in the delivery and accuracy of the surgical plan.

Outside of the hospital, overall patient preparedness and commitment to recovery are critical. New advancements in communications and patient applications help surgeons better connect with patients.

Corin is committed to improving patient outcomes by providing surgeons with advanced technologies and proven implant systems. For more information about Corin's suite of connected technologies, please see below. 

Our Technologies


Mobile application guiding patients from preparation to recovery

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OPS™ - Optimized Positioning System

Dynamic planning system for total hip arthroplasty

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Your platform for success


Robotic-assisted technology for total knee replacement

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Post-operative 3D analysis of hip function

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Corin is committed to providing surgeons and hospital staff with the latest technology for total joint replacement. To find a surgeon using Corin technology in your area, use the link below.

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Not all technologies are available or cleared for distribution in all markets. For more details please contact us