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Podcast: "Confessions of a Knee Junkie" - Origins of iKA

"Confessions of a Knee Junkie" is brought to you by Corin Radio Network: an orthopaedic educational channel specifically for healthcare professionals. This episode explores the origins of inverse kinematic alignment for total knee arthroplasty.

15 Sept 2022

Insights Blog ISTA 2021 Edgar et al
New Presentations: ISTA 2021 - Joint Balance throughout flexion has greater impact on 1 year pain outcome than component alignment in TKA

Edgar Wakelin, Corin's research scientist, provides an overview of a recent publication that analyzes the impact of soft tissue balance, soft tissue release, and component alignment on 1-year KOOS data.

28 Jan 2022

CAOS Insight Blog SMC
New Presentation: CAOS 2021 Webinar titled 'Robotics in Knee Replacement Arthroplasty'

At the COAS 2021 webinar titled 'Robotics in Knee Replacement Arthroplasty' Dr Jeffrey Lawrence of Viroqua, Wisconsin (USA) provides a full surgical overview of the OMNIBotics robotic-assisted system and how it helps him drive data driven decisions for his TKA patients.

21 Oct 2021

New presentation ESSKA presentation Wakelin et al
New Presentation: Axial and Coronal Femoral Rotation and its effect on outcome in TKA in light of soft tissue balancing

Recently, some updated findings related to the field of total knee arthroplasty were presented at the 2021 ESSKA Meeting on behalf of the Corin clinical team, titled Axial and Coronal Femoral…

17 Sept 2021

Clinical success with Unity Knee
Clinical success with Unity Knee

This year marks the 9th year of clinical usage with the Unity Knee in total knee arthroplasty.

6 Aug 2021

TriFit CF Blog post v3
The TriFit hip replacement platform, integrated with OPSInsight™, the smart way to operate! – a case review

Designed for patient fit 

The TriFit hip replacement platform is designed to provide flexibility for surgeons to perform total hip arthroplasty through their preferred approach, while choosing the stem that best…

29 Jul 2021

Unity SMC Insight blog 1
Unity Knee: A modern total knee design based on the importance of understanding the role of joint line restoration on mid-flexion stability

Unity Knee was designed to minimise mid-flexion instability by ensuring the preservation of the medial joint line. The key to achieving this is the patented Unity femoral sizer, which ensures the medial joint line is preserved in flexion regardless of the femoral rotation applied. It does this by using a built-in medial pivoting mechanism rather than the conventional central pivoting mechanism and ensures the medial posterior resection matches the implant thickness. The conjunction of the Unity femoral sizer and single radius femoral implant design ensures preservation of the medial joint line and MCL isometry throughout the range of motion.

14 Jul 2021

Dr Lee OPSReView
Using OPSReView™ for the recurrent dislocator – A case presentation by Dr Gwo-Chin Lee

In this video, Dr Gwo-Chin Lee from the University of Pennsylvania will be doing a case presentation using OPSReView for a recurrent dislocator.

26 May 2021

Trintiy Insights blog updated 29.04
What makes a successful acetabular system? Trinity™ Acetabular System: The story so far

Trinity acetabular shells have been a flagship implant system for Corin for over a decade.

26 Apr 2021

OMNIBotics Insights Blog
Improving TKA pain outcome when joint gap targets are achieved throughout flexion

The definition of ideal balance in TKA remains elusive.

19 Apr 2021