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Posted 26 April by Sayali Bendkhale

What makes a successful acetabular system? Trinity™ Acetabular System: The story so far
Trinity acetabular shells have been a flagship implant system for Corin for over a decade.
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The smart way to operate

Today, every part of our lives is impacted by technology. This technology can be innovated and enhanced to create the future of how we connect. At Corin, the future is here. CorinConnect is an integrated digital ecosystem offering never-before-seen orthopaedic intelligence pre, intra, and post-operatively. This enables data-driven clinical decisions and ultimately improving future patient outcomes.

Our combination of clinically proven implant systems and dynamic technologies are paving the way towards the next generation of orthopaedics.

Advancing the field of knee replacement

Advancing the field of knee replacement

We are proud to offer a full suite of implants and technologies that represent the forefront of advancements in knee arthroplasty. Our suite of implants and instrumentation are designed to offer maximised stability and support.

Our robotic-assisted technology, OMNIBotics®, offers the only robotic ligament tension device on the market. Its Predictive Balance Technique™ is suited to meet both surgeon and patient needs, designed to improve implant performance through proper soft tissue balance.

A complete continuum of care for hip arthroplasty

A complete continuum of care for hip arthroplasty

Hip arthroplasty is often considered the 'operation of the century' in that it is historically the most successful procedure in orthopedics. Yet, modern THA still has an unacceptable percentage of patient dissatisfaction and failure. We believe that the success of modern THA will be judged on patient outcomes, and there are still issues that need to be addressed: particularly the hip/spine relationship.

Our Optimized Positioning System™ offers a dynamic assessment of the patient's hip function, offering advanced insight to properties that affect overall outcomes. This advanced planning system is complemented by a full suite of implants and instrumentation, designed to support the range of hip replacement procedures.


Centres of Excellence

Centres of Excellence

We are dedicated to helping surgeons learn from each other in order to continue to learn and develop professionally. Our global surgeon network is built to provide a resource to surgeons seeking to learn more about the latest implants, techniques, and technologies.

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