Restored motion

Recreating natural kinematics to accurately address the needs of todays patients

  • High flex geometry whilst maintaining consistant knee kinematics
  • Single radius active arc provides smooth motion through normal gait
  • Elongated patella track with 6Q angle provides natural patella tracking whilst minimising strain on the extensor mechanism




Ultimate Congruency

Precise insert to femur matching for conformity, stability & fluid motion throughout RoM

  • Femoral component is matched to the tibial insert
  • Unique tibial insert locking mechanism ensures compatibility between any size insert & baseplate
  • Dual dovetail locking rails & a Morse tapered bolt ensures insert fixation whilst limiting backside wear

Versatile Portfolio

Complete system with varying constraint options for primary & revision surgery

  • Primary range include CR, UC & PS options
  • Revision system features an intuitive surgical protocol & Instrumentation
  • Compatible with both the OmniNavTM& OmniPlastyTMdelivery systems


Important: Not all products are available or cleared for distribution in all international markets. For more details please contact us.


Product Information

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    Surgical Technique

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