Promoting osteointegration

The microcrystalline coating (brushite) similar in morphology to natural bone tissue

  • Calcium phosphate coating of 25µm
  • Room temperature electrolytic deposition process
  • Maintains substrate surface roughness, providing a large area for osteointegration

Biomemetic Cementless Technology zoomed image

Superlative properties

Unlike conventional '˜line of sight' plasma spraying processes, electrolysis allows for complete and uniform coverage of all exposed implant surfaces

  • Outstanding capillarity for blood uptake 6
  • “Non-line-of sight“ technology
  • Phase composition brushite≥ 70 % and HA≤ 30 %

Clinical proven history

Bone-like cementless coating with more than 20 years' clinical history(1,2,3)

  • Clinical trials have demonstrated this coating technology is fully resorbable
  • Advanced biomimetic coatings of this type have been shown to resorb into the joint space within 8-12 weeks of implantation, exposing the porous structure to rapidly deposited bone tissue.
  • The needle-like CaP crystals are stacked parallel to each other, creating a hydrophilic effect beneficial for the adsorption of growth factors and adhesion of bone cells


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