For hemiarthroplasty, the Corin BiPolar-i offers a range of options to the surgeon in order to replicate patient biomechanics in situations where total hip arthroplasty is not suitable.


  • Provided disassembled to give the surgeon a wide range of options when selecting offset
  • Modular design for optimised inventory

Biopolar i pic1 v2

Bipolar-i modular head


  • Can be used with Modular Heads in sizes 22mm and 28mm

Improved Design

  • Minimised CoCr shell weight
  • Eccentric and self-centring mechanism

Biopolar i pic2 v2

* Corin 28mm, +7 (XL) modular head is not indicated for use with the BiPolar-i.

* Legacy Tornier 28mm, +8 (XL) and +10 (XL) modular heads are not indicated for use with the BiPolar-i.1


Product Information

  • Surgical Technique

    Surgical Technique