The Revival™ Modular Revision Hip Stem allows the surgeon to address the patient effectively and efficiently

  • Different options for the distal and proximal bodies
  • 480 combinations to reconstruct  biomechanics
  • One instrument set to make complex cases simpler
  • Titanium alloy for biocompatibility and mechanical strength
  • 2° 51' ‘Morse’ taper to assure locking of the proximal body and distal components
  • Locking screw provides additional security allowing for settling of the mid-stem junction and long-term integrity of the implant construct

Revival Stem


Implant stability is key when performing a revision and Revival™, thanks to its specific features, allows for this

  • Proximal and distal components are corundum grit blasted to create a roughened surface for bone on-growth
  • Distal components have longitudinal splines for torsional stability and an optimized taper to minimise subsidence
  • Distal locking is available for severe bone loss when more fixation is necessary

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Product Information

  • Technical Summary

    Technical Summary

  • Technical Summary

    Technical Summary

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    Surgical Technique

  • Your hip - A guide for patients

    Your hip - A guide for patients