Advanced implant design

Hemispherical titanium shell designed for excellent initial press-fit and long-term stability

  • Highly polished Prime™ rim
  • Reproducibility of anatomy and liner seating
  • Excellent ID:OD ratio

Trinity's titanium shell close up

Trinity can be used with a range of liners, poly, ECiMa and ceramic


Trinity™ offers a versatile range of options in one design

  • Trinity-i™ shells designed for improved range of motion and joint stability
  • Bone preservation without compromising range of motion or joint stability
  • Wide range of high performance bearings

Long-term stability

Biomimetic cementless coating technology

  • Calcium phosphate (CaP) coating with a microcrystalline structure
  • Maintains substrate surface roughness, providing a large area for osseointegration
  • Room temperature electrolytic deposition process

Trinity's biomimetic cement less coating technologyThe microcrystalline structure of the CaP coating

Important: Not all products are available or cleared for distribution in all international markets. For more details please contact us.

** Trinity™ non ECiMa, excluding non-CAP coated cups = 7A*


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