Unity DPI is a simple, line extension to the Unity Knee™ primary total knee system.
Difficult primary procedures can now be managed with an array of stems and augments,
which are fully compatible with the primary Unity Knee™ PS femoral components and
tibial components. 

Simple, compact, and efficient instrumentation

  • 2-layer, additional tray to supplement the standard Unity Knee™ instruments 
  • Same Unity components: Femur, Tibia, Insert
  • Fully compatible with signature Unity instruments like the EquiBalancer and femoral sizer

Implant range

  • Tapered, cemented stems in three lengths(30, 60, & 100mm) and two diameters (10 & 14mm)Anatomically-shaped, stackable, 5mm tibial augments for medial or lateral bony reconstruction
  • Versatile, posterior and distal femoral augments in two thicknesses (5 & 10mm)

Difficult Primary Interventions

DPI provide clinical solutions for more complex indications than conventional primary TKR:

  • Patients with poor bone quality or higher BMI
  • Patients with larger deformities