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We combine quality medical and individual care with a comfortable, hotel-like atmosphere. Medical expertise should be in the foreground when choosing a hospital, but other important aspects such as personal care, service and amenities also play a major role in a patient’s (general) well-being and speedy recovery. 

Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital offers the best possible environment in every way.


Dr Thomas Paszicsnyek2

Dr Thomas Paszicsnyek

Thomas Paszicsnyek was educated in Graz, Bruck and at Stolzalpe by Prof. Mähring in trauma and Prof. Graf in orthopaedics. After leaving the hospital he opened his offices in 2003 in Kapfenberg and 2010 in Graz. Starting knee arthroplasty in 1995 he specialised in minimally invasive surgery and extended his skills by several visits to the United States. He has educated surgeons in knee replacement and specially in Eastern Europe. From 2009 he started working closely with Corin and is part of the Unity developer group. The combination of careful pre-op planning, accurate surgical procedures and post-operative rapid recovery regimes are pivotal to his practice.

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