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Cementless and cemented options

MobiliT™ Cup

When stability is everything

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The MobiliT Cup has been designed for dislocation avoidance and shell stability. The MobiliT Cup includes a stainless steel shell, a dual mobility poly insert and either a CoCr or Ceramic head.

Shell and insert design

The featured hemispherical 3mm extension was designed to allow for simple cup positioning and targeted coverage in at-risk positions.

The MobiliT liners are eccentric, providing spontaneous alignment under load reducing the potential wear between the liner and neck interface1,2. Additionally, the liners have been developed with rounded edges.



MobiliT cup was designed with a dual surface coating of Titanium plasma spray and hydroxyapatite to target longer term, secondary fixation3,4.

The macrostructured feature at the equator and additional 1mm thickness, was designed to provide resistance to rotation and tilting.



MobiliT Cups are available in both cementless and cemented options. Additionally, for poor bone, MobiliT Cups are available with additional support with the flange and hook option.

Cemented MobiliT Cups are also available for revision surgeries when the bone tissue remains sufficient.

All cups are available with standard polyethylene inserts and vitamin E highly cross-linked polyethylene, ECiMa


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Technical summary

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Surgical Technique

I1569 Dual Mobility Cup OpTech Rev 2 TUV v1 AL Page 01 v2

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