Why Corin?

Unparalleled patient insights

Every patient is different1. So, gaining a deep understanding of the physical and psychological needs of individuals, and being able to monitor patients objectively at every stage of their orthopedic experience, means expectations can be managed and often exceeded. 

Better planning for positive outcomes

Our combination of clinically proven implants and world-leading technologies delivers the greatest levels of connected insight between surgeons, their patients and hospitals. Deeper, patient-specific information is designed to help deliver better decisions and outcomes for everyone.

Connect closely with your patient’s progress

Corin enables surgeons to be closely and continuously connected with every patient after the operation. Patients feel more engaged, reassured and more confident in managing their own recovery. Allowing better management of post-operative complications may help to reduce the risk of re-admissions and revisions.


1. DiGioia AM, Hafez MA, Jaramaz B, Levison TJ, Moody JE, Functional pelvic orientation measured from lateral standing and sitting radiographs. Clin Orthop Relat Res 453:272–276