Kreisklinik Trostberg

The hospital is part of the Südostbayern AG clinic group which has its headquarters in Traunstein. The Kreisklinik Trostberg is a large general hospital which caters for numerous specialties with a specific interest in orthopedic surgery. The hospital has 214 beds, 4 operating theatres and 7 intensive care beds. The Orthopaedic department has 40 beds and permanently utilizes 2 of the 4 operating theatres. The Kommedico orthopaedic team performs over 1200 inpatient operations annually within the Kreisklinik Trostberg facility and looks forward to welcoming on your visit to the centre.


Thomas Demhartner

Dr. med. Thomas Demhartner

Dr. med. Demhartner studied medicine in Erlangen and Munich between 1987 and 1994, completing specialist training in Trauma and Orthopaedics in Munich and Bern during the period 1994 – 2005. Since March 2006 he has been a partner in the Kommedico practice and is a senior physician in the orthopedic department of the Kreisklinik Trostberg. He has been the Director of the ISAR Clinic for Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery since 2014, and specialises in hip surgery.

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