My MiniHip™

Patient demographics and expectations have changed. Being younger, more active and with a desire to return to their normal way of life, today’s patients require an implant that overcomes the limitations of conventional hip replacement.

MiniHip™ represents a new style of prosthesis – designed to preserve your natural anatomy and help maintain more of the healthy bone around your new joint. Its shorter length means that less bone needs to be removed from both the top and the inside of the thigh bone, than for the implantation of longer, conventional hip replacements.


Clinical excellence

MiniHip™ has been cleared by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) for use in the USA and has been in use since April 2010.

The outstanding clinical performance of MiniHip™ has been recognized by the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP), an independent body commissioned by the United Kingdom’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in 2003.

ODEP independently assesses whether a device has reached a specified clinical benchmark for implant survivorship and translates these into ratings. An ODEP rating of 7A* shows excellent clinical results with an implant survivorship great than 97%.

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