Restoring motion

Accurately addressing the needs of todays patients.

  • High flex geometry whilst maintaining consistant knee kinematics.
  • Smooth continuous motion through normal gait with single radius design
  • Natural patella tracking whilst minimising strain on the extensor mechanism. 


Apex Knee side viewApex Knee implant

Apex Knee base and liner

Ultimate Congruency

Precise insert to femur matching for conformity, stability & fluid motion 

  • Highly congruent femoral and tibial articulation 
  • Unique tibial insert locking mechanism enables compatibility between any size insert and baseplate.
  • Anatomical asymmetric tibial baseplate design

Versitile Portfolio

Complete system with varying constraint options for primary & revision surgery.

  • Primary range include CR, UC & PS options.
  • Revision system features an intuitive surgical protocol & Instrumentation.
  • Compatible with both the OmniNavTM& OmniPlastyTMdelivery systems.

Important: Not all products are available or cleared for distribution in all international markets. For more details please contact us.


Product Information

  • Apex Knee Product Brochure

    Apex Knee Product Brochure

  • Apex Knee Surgical technique

    Apex Knee Surgical technique