Specialist instruments

Newly designed DAA specific instruments developed in collaboration with our globally recognised surgeon DAA experts.

Different  broach handle choices, specific acetabular cup preparation and soft tissue friendly surgical tools to accompany the surgeon through the DAA experience.

DAA instrumentation

Optimized Positioning System


The advanced computational modelling and specialist intra-operative tools delivered through the Optimized Positioning System (OPS™) technology optimises functional implant alignment and enhances control of leg length and offset.

Intuitive mobile positioning system 

Corin collaborates with IOT providing a intuitive mobile patient positioning system enabling an optimised surgical view and reproducible technique 
  • The PURIST enables all the essential leg movements necessary for DAA in an efficient way
  • The next generation  leg positioning device is designed to boost efficiency and surgeon control through DAA

PURIST table

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First class training program

The Corin Academy helps to ensure best practice in DAA is shared directly between surgeons. The programme includes Centre of Excellence visits with live surgery, masterclasses and cadaveric workshops facilitated by globally recognised surgeon experts.


Product Videos

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  • IOT Purist video

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Product Information

  • Technical Summary

    Technical Summary