The Dynacup® One-C prostheses are cementless implants composed of a ceramic BIOLOX® delta insert preassembled in clean room into a Dynacup® metal-backing. They are intended for replacement of the acetabular joint of the hip. Templates are provided to select the size of the implant prior to the surgery. 

Ancillary instruments are also provided:

  • Trial pieces for testing implantation during the surgery
  • Instruments for the assembly and proper implanting of the prosthesis


Replacement of the joint with this device is indicated for the relief of severe pain or significant disability caused by: 

  • Degenerative pathologies: primary, secondary or post-trauma osteoarthritis, rheumatoid polyarthritis 
  • Necrosis of the femoral head 
  • Fracture of the neck of the femur 
  • Congenital luxation 

Important: Not all products are available or cleared for distribution in all international markets. For more details please contact us.