Straight cementless stem range with only 2 versions

  • Design based on a radiographic study of 487 femurs to restore natural hip rotation centre(1)
  • Lateralisation and varus treated due to 2CCD angles 123° or 130° and an increase of neck length with stem size
  • Intra medullary design unchanged..since 1997

meije duo 1

Full range with only one instrumentation

  • Cementless or cemented
  • With or without collar
  • Single instrument box customised to surgeon’s needs, 

meije duo 2


  1. Piriou P, Bugyan H, Casalonga D, Lizée E, Trojani C, Versier G. Can hip anatomy be reconstructed with femoral components having only one neck morphology? A study on 466 hips. / / J Arthroplasty. 2013 Aug;28(7):1185-91.

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