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Oceane+ stem is of Charnley-Kerboull type, offering simple yet optimal solutions for surgical needs. Its elliptical shape is entirely suitable for cemented applications. 3 standard stems from the primary arthroplasty range have specifically been designed for revision applications.


Replacement of the hip joint with the Oceane+ Long femoral stem combined with the Oceane cup, is indicated for: 

  • The revision of the earlier arthroplasty
  • The revision of the femoral stem of stage II and III (SOFCOT classification) meaning on femur moderately destroyed at the metaphysis 
  • Cases where a femoral window can be made 
  • Other pathologies where solutions of arthrodesis are not acceptable 

The Oceane cup can be used for revisions if the bone stock is sufficient.


  • A prosthesis specifically designed for cemented applications
  • Standard stems 2,4 and 5 as 200 and 250 mm stems for revision 
  • A dedicated instrumentation in addition to the primary instrumentation 

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