Corin RPM™ app is a digital companion that guides you through your joint replacement journey by providing the right information at the right time via interactive push notifications, alerts and to do lists.

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CorinRPM™ App provides you with the right information at the right time curated by your surgeon and his clinical team.



Progress Tracking

Progress graphs, notifications, reminders and checklists to keep you on track towards your treatment goals. CorinRPM™ App supports you to actively participate in your own recovery.

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Rehab at Home:

Continuous, guided exercise videos helping you adhere to your surgeon’s pathway from the comfort of your home. You can upload your own exercise videos and create your own templates to further personalise your care.


Remote monitoring:

Through CorinRPM™ app, your surgeon and clinical team can stay informed and track your recovery progress with the help of scheduled surveys and prompts. Your clinical team will remotely review your progress via activity data, exercise completion and a series of pre- and post- operative surveys including regular pain scores.

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All this and more - right in the palm of your hand with CorinRPM™ App.