The Trinity™ PLUS (Porous Layer Unique Structure) system offers surgeons a unique 3D solution to more closely match the needs of the individual patients physiology.

The highly porous structure is designed to match trabecular bone using a highly advanced software simulation, this is then manufactured via an additive manufacturing (AM) process using electron beam melting (EBM) technology.

Close view of the biomimetic coating

The 3D outer structure also has an additional layer of Biomimetic Coating not only on the outside but throughout the interconnected cells, to increase stability and accelerate the on-growth and in-growth of bone.

  • Sophisticated computer simulation creates fully randomised pore size
  • Trabecular structure with pore sizes ranging from 300 to 900 Microns
  • CaP coating throughout the 3D structure
  • 46 – 70mm cups available
  • 5 hole and 7 hole variants

The Trinity™ PLUS cup can be used with all existing Trinity™ bearing options and can also make use of the Trinity™ Dual Mobility solution to increase stability in both primary and revision situations.

Trinity™ PLUS will be under controlled release during the initial phase, for more information please contact your local Corin representative

TGA approval pending.



Important: Not all products are available or cleared for distribution in all international markets. For more details please contact us.


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