Precision implementation

Addressing instability through instrumentation

  • Medial referencing rotational guide
  • Restoring MCL isometry through joint-line preservation
  • Stability throughout the complete range of motion


Personalised alignment

Optimising implant position for each and every patient

  • Ligament balancing in flexion and extension
  • ‘Anatomic’ alignment principles
  • Minimising soft tissue releases in TKR

Proven design

Evolving the single radius to balance the knee

  • Single radius femoral design(1,2,3)
  • Anatomic lateralised patella track
  • Difficult primary stem extension option

Unity Knee implant

Unity CS 2 copy2

Continuous development 

The latest development for Unity Knee™: Condylar stabilised (CS) insert designed for:

  • Enhanced stability in patients without a functional PCL, while maintaining a soft-tissue friendly profile.
  • Minimal anterior translation without compromising knee range-of-motion.
  • complete system compatibility, functional with Unity CR femoral components and available in standard, 1mm thickness increments

The Unity CS tibial insert is not CE Marked.


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