Sporthopaedicum Berlin

The Sporthopaedicum was created in 2006 in Berlin. This centre specialises in joint replacement procedures and cares for patients following surgical procedures recommended by orthopaedic doctors. The Sporthopaedicum offers a complete range of orthopaedic treatments for hip and knee as well as shoulder, elbow, hand, ankle and foot. The Sporthopaedicum also cares for patients following accidents at work and is a specialist centre for accident injuries. Also worthy of note is that the Sporthopaedicum Berlin is a specialist referral centre for all orthopaedic questions and issues in the field of sports medicine.


Frank Schneider

Dr. med. Frank Schneider

Dr. Schneider studied in Berlin before becoming a Medical Assistant at the hospital of Internal medicine and Traumatology, Strausberg under Dr. Krause. He completed his degree at the Charité in Berlin passing ”summa cum laude” and worked there as Medical Assistant at the hospital of orthopaedics under Prof. Dr. H. Zippel until 2002. Dr. Schneider is a Specialist doctor of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Since 2003 Dr. Schneider has been Chief Medical Officer of the orthopaedic department and leading doctor in the department of orthopaedic sports Parkklinik Weißensee. Since 2009 Dr. Schneider has been a member of Sporthopaedicum.

arthroscopic shoulder surgery
joint replacements of the knee
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