Optimized hydrid liner

There is not just one direction in dislocation. With Trinity Dual Mobility it is possible to orientate the liner to get maximum coverage where required 

Optimized hybrid liner design 5

Advanced polyethylene material, ECiMa

The ECiMa insert is one of the most advanced polyethylene of its kind, providing high performance.

Z1O1100 copy

Eccentricity mechanism

The self centring mechanism is designed to avoid premature impingement and wear

eccentricity 01

Extraction as easy as insertion

Liner extraction can be difficult  but with Trinity Dual Mobility extraction is as easy as insertion thanks to the engineered taper and feature added in the liner

Optimized hybrid liner design 3

Cup preserving

If dislocation occurs with a previous ceramic or polyethylene liner, then just replace the bearing with the Dual Mobility system

Trinity DualMob at front LR

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