Connecting you and your patient

Significant clinical benefits have been seen from trials of self-management and lifestyle interventions across various conditions and pro-active patient involvement in treatment can play an important role in clinical outcomes. From your decision-to-treat to post-operative recovery, Corin’s RPM™ enables you to be closely connected with your patient and manage their expectations. Patients feel more engaged, reassured and empowered enabling a shared decision making process and a greater self-managed care recovery.

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Your insight

Corin’s RPM™ provides you with deeper insight into your patient’s profile throughout their treatment pathway, allowing you to track their pre-to-post operative joint replacement progress and Patient Related Outcome Measures Scores (PROMS) to help you better understand your results and the care that you deliver.

Your data

We take data protection very seriously. For our UK partners, we follow the Data Protection Act standards and NHS Information Governance regulations. RPM™ is also HIPAA compliant in the USA.

We understand how important your privacy is and we’re committed to making sure all information is managed safely and securely.


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Product Information

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