Operations - Customer Services, Engineering, IT, Manufacturing, SIOP and Sourcing

Corin manufactures hip and knee implants, and instruments for global distribution from our expansive and impressive manufacturing site in Cirencester. Our Operations team is our largest department with our people coming from a wide range of backgrounds with qualifications such as Mechanical Engineering, Supply Chain and Logistics, Computer Science and Chartered Institute of Purchasing.

Our Operations people are always acquiring  new skills and we look to develop their careers providing them with the option to study further qualifications in Project Management, Lean principles, Management and more. Key skills requirements for the Operations team include punctuality, reliability, attention to detail, collaboration, team player and positivity. The Global Operations team comprises of;

Manufacturing who utilize state-of-the-art CNC, robotic and finishing machinery working across three different shift patterns – double days, week nights and weekend nights based all in Cirencester

Engineering partners with manufacturing to provide seamless engineering support by programming implementing, improving, and reviewing the processes and systems

IT is centralized in the UK with country support in the regions; working on internal systems,  IT security and project development associated with our Technology products

Supply Chain incorporates functional testing  and building of our instrument sets, product packaging, as well as goods in and out, we are centrally based in Cirencester with distribution centres in the US, Australia, and France.

Customer Services works closely with our salespeople and supply chain to ensure that we have the right products, at the right time with the right surgeons.

Sourcing is strategic to our supplier partnerships, ensuring that we have the best price, quality, and relationship with our suppliers so we can flex and grow as an organisation.

Sales and Inventory Operational Planning (SIOP) feeds and analyses the data that runs through Corin’s operational function, ensuring that we have the correct demand planning information globally so we can execute the right production numbers to meet sales demand

OPS  - Our Biomedical Engineers analyse, interpret, segment, design and develop patient specific reports and guides for surgeons and patients. This team is based in Based in Australia.

Operational Support – Looking after our peoples health, safety,, and wellbeing in a priority so we have dedicated representatives all on our sites. Catering and maintenance assistants form part of the Operational support team.

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