Australia achieves 10,000 implantations of the Apex Knee™


  • 10,000 Apex Knee procedures have been performed in Australia since 2004
  • Apex is in the top 10 most used knees in Australia (Table KT2, AOANJRR 2020) 1
  • Apex CR™ has equal lowest revision rate out of the top 10 cemented constructs with a CPR at 5 years of 2.0 (1.2, 3.4) (Table KT7, AOANJRR 2020) 1
  • Apex CR has equal second lowest revision rate out of the top 10 hybrid constructs with a CPR at 5 years of 2.3 (1.4, 3.4) (Table KT9, AOANJRR 2020) 1


[Australia. October, 2020] Corin Australia, a global orthopaedic technology company, is proud to announce the Apex Knee System has recently reached the milestone of 10,000 implantations in Australia and is amongst the top 10 most implanted knee replacements in Australia (Table KT2, AOANJRR 2020)1. The Apex CR™ cemented construct reports the equal lowest revision rate out of the top 10 constructs at 5 years, whilst the cementless Apex CR femur has the equal second lowest revision rate (Table KT7 and KT 9, AOANJRR 2020) 1.


Features of the Apex Knee include a high flexion geometry whilst maintaining consistent knee kinematics, a single radius active arc to provide smooth motion through normal gait, and an elongated 6° Q angle providing natural patella tracking whilst minimising strain on the extensor mechanism. Apex Knee also offers ultimate congruency with tibial inserts matching the femoral component via a unique dual dovetail tibial locking mechanism, as well as a wide range of bearing options and a revision platform. The Apex Knee can be implanted using Corin’s unique OMNIBotics® technology which allows surgeons to conduct patient-specific total knee surgery which aims to enhance patient satisfaction.


About OMNIBotics robotic knee surgery:

OMNIBotics is a robotic-assisted total knee replacement solution, combining intraoperative planning tools with robotic instrumentation in order to assist surgeons in creating a stable and well-balanced knee replacement.

The system consists of two robotic devices: the BalanceBot™ and OMNIBot™. The BalanceBot is a robotic ligament tensioning device that applies a constant pressure to soft tissue structures throughout full range of motion prior to femoral resection to gain an understanding of the patient's soft tissue profile. Femoral planning is then optimised to suit the patient’s unique physiology, before the OMNIBot, a robotic-assisted cutting guide, accurately delivers the patient-specific implant placement. The BalanceBot is then again used to check the ligament profile delivered.

No other robotic system can measure and accurately predict balance under constant pressure, throughout range of motion, prior to committing to final alignment. Research trends indicate soft tissue balance with BalanceBot can achieve improvements in function and PROMs2,3.


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