Corin Group and Efferent Health Drive Further Automation into Imaging Data Management

CIRENCESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, March 09 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ 

Corin Group is pleased to announce a strengthening of its portfolio of interoperability data services by partnering with Efferent Health, LLC, a leader in medical operations automation technology, delivering innovative solutions that streamline key processes.

Corin’s strategic partnership with Efferent enables real-time connectivity to pre and post-operative imaging data for joint replacement, via a co-developed Microsoft Azure cloud-to-cloud solution. The FHIR and API-based data sharing solution allows for critical imaging inputs to be more efficiently aggregated and transferred from the imaging site to Corin’s in-house engineering team. By streamlining this process, we have the capability to accelerate the flow of data we can access to further drive patient specific surgical optimization strategies and wider portfolio advancements.

“This end-to-end image sharing solution is a key element of our CorinConnect platform”, said Jim Pierrepont, Global Franchise Lead - Technology, Corin Group. “This partnership enhances our ability to collect and share actionable insights that will augment clinical decision making, and ultimately lead to better outcomes and improved healthcare value.”

With its portfolio of clinical cloud-based software products, Efferent works to help medical organizations capture critical imaging data in real time while providing an elite user experience. Its software is purpose-built, providing the ability for Corin and its representatives to automate the transfer of data using it’s SmartLink™ technology.

“Efferent is excited for this collaboration with Corin. This is a great opportunity and beginning of two incredible teams working together to progress digital health. Together, these solutions will deliver advanced healthcare, operational efficiencies driven by technology, ultimately benefitting the patients.” Said Kress M. Stein, President & COO Efferent Health.

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