The Personal Touch

The personal touch



In June, Elvio Gramignano, (Global Strategic Marketing Director, Corin) was interviewed by In Vivo magazine to discuss the future of the orthopaedic market and where Corin will direct its focus to deliver greater insight for surgeons, help improve surgical outcomes and deliver greater value for healthcare providers.

The 4-page interview followed the definitive agreement for Permira to invest in Corin and discusses Corin’s fundamental aim to revolutionise orthopaedics worldwide.  

The article focuses on the personalisation of both the patient pathway and their treatment by optimising the procedure for an individual patient’s biomechanics and customisation of the recovery using smart-wearable technology. 

It continues by looking at how such technologies can help hospitals manage in rapidly changing healthcare systems worldwide and with new funding models. 

The article can be read online now http://bit.ly/InVivoCorin 


For more information on Corin’s OPS™ (Optimized Positioning System) and RPM™ (Remote Patient Management) technologies please visit http://bit.ly/OPSCorin and http://bit.ly/RPMCorin